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" I had a dream which imagined the realisation of a new project, quite different from those I had designed for many years, a product of excellence for those who were looking for their own "Dream Home": design inspired by the culture and tradition of "my" lake; spacious rooms, and a large park with breathtaking panoramic views, tranquillity, highest quality and complimentary services.

I chose a unique location in a strategic position, close to the mountain resorts of the Ossola Valley offering the view of Mount Rosa as scenery, Golf courses and Tennis courts just around the corner and Lake Maggiore offering its beautiful islands full of charme and history.

This dream didn't evaporate at dawn, as many dreams do and I now find this dream in front of my eyes, even more beautiful in reality, thanks to the project and design of Engineer Stefano Maria Pagani and Architect Mauro Bissattini and l'd like to share this marvellous reality with you... "
villa in vendita vista lago maggiorefirma cavaliere
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