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Set at the foot of the Alps, Lake Maggiore, one of the largest European lakes, washes the shores of the Piedmont, Lombardy and Canton Ticino (Swiss). Its pleasant climate with mild winters and refreshing summer breezes makes it possible for many and varies qualities of flowers and plants, which usually can only be found in sub tropical regions, to flourish.

The enchantment and variety of its panorama made this charming location an obligatory stop for eighteenth century romance and the favourite destination of noble families, who throughout the years chose to build some of the most beautiful villas of Italy right here. The Borromean Gulf and its islands are the emblem of this elegant architecture, which has been expressed to its highest level through the Borromean Palaces. Villa Pallavicino, Villa Ducale, Villa Giulia, Villa Rusconi Clerici, Villa San Remigio, Villa Taranto, just to name a few. Most of these magnificent residences are surrounded by parks and botanical gardens of rare beauty.

The uniqueness of this location is further enhanced by the possibility to swim in the lake`s waters, to explore its shores and picturesque villages by boat, to visit its historic churches and monuments. To experience the concerts proposed during the Musical Festival of Stresa, to practice Trekking and go skiing on its mountains, to play golf. tennis and go sailing.all of this just approximately 40 minutes drive from Malpensa airport, approximately one hour away from the centre of Milan and twenty live minutes away from the Swiss border.
A unique quality of life in a magical environment.


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